william lunderman

    William Lunderman is the former Vice President of Global Strategic Brand Design at Colgate Palmolive. William began his career in New York City design agencies. After gaining experience working with brands ranging from alcohol, cosmetics, food, to airlines, he made the decision to move into the corporate sector. He was one of the first to champion and elevate the role of design thinking in business innovation and the marketing process; a concept now widely recognized as a successful business model.

    In business there are roles and titles that one goes by, mostly earned, and then there are some that are unofficial, such as “Maverick”. Yes, “Maverick” William with a passion for uncorking the unique, the compelling and unexplored for a consumer target, yet someone who also understands and brings sharp focus on the corporate organizational structure. As a trailblazer in elevating the role of Design this “Maverick” has led the discussion and created the position of Vice President Design at each of his former companies.

    Wiliam studied under renowned designer and visionary Buckminster Fuller, at Southern Illinois University, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He then pursued a Master of Arts Degree in Design and Communication from the Pratt Institute in New York.

    Sue Harken-Houser NCIDQ, CDT, LEED AP 

    Sue Harken-Houser is an Applications Consultant at Steelcase. Sue has over 20 years of experience as a design professional in St. Louis and Colorado. She developed a passion for Workplace Strategy through the observation and understanding of the relationship between her client’s organizational goals and space.

    Her area of expertise is the utilization of space and environments that are strategically designed to support new ways of working including innovation, collaboration, and individual focus in the workplace.

    When not thinking about the impact and influence of space, Sue can be found hanging out with her husband Chip, their two rescue Pitbull pups, Carmen and Polly and Siamese cat, Mingus.

    Aneil Razvi

    With 18 years of experience in the digital design industry, Aneil has a passion for solving challenges with empathy and innovation. Aneil has a creative entrepreneurial spirit that is coupled with all things design. An expert in all phases of the digital product life cycle, user research, product definition, experience design, development hand-off and user testing, he leads and mentors his teams to perform user Interface design, user experience design, user experience architecture, user journeys, Screen flows, digital prototypes, modular / atomic design systems, creative thinking, strategic thinking and many more artifacts used to create a digital and physical product that fits into the end-users ecosystem.

    Aneil has experience working in a wide array of industries: logistics, Fin Tech, Advertising & Marketing, Non-profits Foundations, Manufacturing, Fashion, Sports Apparel, Architecture, Trucking, and Big data.

    Aneil is a natural problem solver and can connect the dots between complex problems to make an intuitive solution. His unique perspective comes from having an extensive design background that spans architecture, industrial design, visual communications, and user experience design.


    Originally from Venezuela, Simón earned his degree in architecture at Universidad del Zulia. He moved to St. Louis soon after to attend Maryville University and obtain his BFA in graphic design before joining some of the city's top agencies. In 2010, Simón joined 2e as an art director and since then he has set the standard for what design means at 2e. Now he leads a team of designers to transfer the pure principles of design and typography into innovative and sophisticated creative that helps healthcare and life science clients convey and complete their missions to enhance quality of life.

    Simón has been featured in HOW Magazine, PRINT Magazine, The FPO Awards book, and AIGA Saint Louis Design Shows. He is a former board member and supporter of AIGA St. Louis, a fanatic of The Great British Bake Off, and a newly impassioned Instagram collage artist. Simón is also a longtime shoe addict who doesn't wear the same pair twice in a week.


    Kiva proclaims herself "a LUCKY ONE", meaning she sees herself fortunate to do what she loves and was born to do for "work". "When I discovered ID, I knew it was the vehicle for this vision I always had inside of me to make and sell COOL STUFF." Her education in Industrial Design laid the foundation for her inventive spirit and passion for creating business to take form.

    Kiva received her BFA in Industrial Design in 2003 at the UIUC, where she was one of Professor Lopez's students. Through her career, she has worked on a variety of product categories for consumer and B to B brands including Toys, Games, Doll Clothing, Decorative Hardware, Furniture and Luxury Soft & Hard Goods for the Home. "I love the path my career has lead me down. I have touched so many materials and worked with nearly every process under the sun. I also had no idea where (geographically) a career in I.D. would take me. I have literally seen the world on my journey."

    By chance, not by design, Kiva has carved out a niche in her career. Her specialty is building "THE NEW-NEW" products, brands and revenue streams from the ground-up. "I love going into the unknown and organizing the variables into tangibility. This is what we do. We use our vision to sort through the noise, find the answers and create impactful products that go on and do their own work...improving lives, creating beauty, enhancing brands, etc. of enhancing brands. I truly love what I get to spend my days doing. If creating was a drug, call me an addict."

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