Harold L. Cohen

    Harold L. Cohen produces images that offer personal glimpses at humanity and life. He was trained in the Bauhaus tradition of art and design at the Institute of Design in Chicago. He spent his life as a professor and administrator at several universities and wrapped up his career as Dean Emeritus and Professor, School of Architecture and Planning, SUNY.

    Cohen gave up administration and teaching in 2000 to return to his love of art and printmaking. He designed and opened his studio in downtown Buffalo, NY at the age of 75. Cohen combines his religion, design and art studies into a collection of 500+ prints with hundreds of paintings and sculpture in several media. Cohen adapted a Vandercook Proof Press to produce his prints (wood engravings, wood cuts, plastic and metal dry point etchings, collagraphs, linocuts and intaglios). All plates and blocks are inked by hand.

    A major collection of his prints, paintings and sculpture resides at the Birchfield Penny Art Center, Buffalo, NY, USA.

    Stephen Pevnick

    Stephen is Professor Emeritus of Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. He invented a computer-controlled waterfall, aka The Graphical Waterfall® which is now the product of his company, Pevnick Design, Inc. The company stages and ships equipment for trade shows and special events and builds equipment for permanent installations in his 21,000-sq. ft. studio in Milwaukee, WI.

    Over 150 exhibits of Graphical Waterfalls® have been installed for events both in the USA and around the world. Seven Graphical Waterfalls® have been permanently installed in shopping malls in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Athens, Greece and Montreal, Canada; in casinos in Batavia, New York and Highland, California and two at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Mike DaInes

    Mike’s projects have spanned the design discipline—from publication and print design—to work in motion, interactive and advertising. His time at Imaginary Forces in Hollywood included work for clients including MTV, Nike, Columbia Pictures, Dreamworks, ABC, NBC, Science Channel, Pepsi and Comedy Central; in collaboration with agencies including Young and Rubicam, Ogilvy and Mather and BBDO. He has also worked extensively in advertising at Kastner and Partners in Los Angeles where the clients included Red Bull, Adidas and Qualcomm.

    Mike's other creative endeavors have included work for or in collaboration with Billabong, The Ebeling Group, J. Walter Thompson, Macy's, Cranbrook Academy of Art, and Cranbrook Art Museum.

    Liz Daily

    Liz Daily is a Chicago based freelance industrial designer & soft goods designer. She was previously lead designer at Moji, a startup specializing in warm-up and recovery products for athletes.

    By combining her knowledge of technical fabrics, apparel history, construction techniques, and patternmaking with traditional industrial design methods, Liz strives to create innovative and unusual products.

    She holds a B.F.A. in industrial design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her work can be viewed at lizdaily.com

    Emily Iles

    Emily, an experienced print and digital designer, has been a creator and learner her entire life. Day to day, she works in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and AfterEffects with an enthusiasm for type, design, technology and branding. She’s developed brands, videos, websites and posters, and is always looking for the best solution through design.

    Her creative efforts continue after she leaves the office—she loves making stop-motion videos and animations, and she plays the steel drums (yes, really). In her free time, Emily runs after her son Toby, hikes with her husband Sean, slogs through the NY Times Crossword puzzle and makes really fantastic salads.

    Emily is also a 2014 fellow of the New Leaders Council–St. Louis, serves on the Young Friends board for St. Louis Public Radio, and is the Mentor Match co-chair for AIGA St. Louis.

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