Join us on Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th at Morris Library and the Pulliam Hall Design Wing for our annual Design Days event.

    Every Spring, the Design Program hosts a student-centered design conference called Design Days. This annual event brings professional industrial designers and graphic designers, both alumni and non-alumni, to campus to share their knowledge and expertise with our Design students and faculty.

    This Spring our guests will explore the theme of EXPERIENCE DESIGN. How do designers experience the process of designing? How have designers offered unique experiences to others? What are some unique experiences that designers have overcome in the work place? What are designers experiencing now? What role will designers play in developing experiences in the future?


    Design Days is a Free event. To help us with catering and seating options, please register at the link below by Wednesday, April 6th.

    DESIGN DAYS 2016

    For more info

    Rob Lopez, Design Area Head

    618-453-7590 or roblopez@siu.edu

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